jueves, 14 de febrero de 2013

Kevin Willson & the Wave.

I have wanted to have a good excuse for Kevin Willson to work on my trees and the excuse came with a couple of beautiful new yews. I'll start with this Yew which it’s deadwood resembles a wave. The pictures are from different angles. We have always been taught that to begin modeling a Bonsai the first thing is to find the front of the tree and that we must start by discovering the nebari as this will mark the front of the tree and above all where the alive vein is born and that this should be visible from the front of tree. Then we look where it has the taper of the trunk where branches are born and details that give character to the tree and the set of all these details define the front. In this case the dead wood is so powerful and has so much character that there is no need to discover the nebari and I have been lucky that the live vein is born next o this dead wood. At first I wanted to shape the tree only with the green underneath the dead wood and remove the branch with foliage that goes to the left and the green which went down to the left. But if we eliminated this green foliage it would kill the live vein of the front of the tree since this vein is separated from the vein that communicates the foliage of the right. That's when Kevin made this design for the future Bonsai. We began cutting the upper left branch and eliminating unnecessary branches. Then with the Dremel Kevin removed all traces of the cut we did with the saw, following the movements of the veins of the tree. Once I finished wiring we went to work on transplanting the tree and had the pleasant surprise of finding a better base wider and with movement. This gives even more movement to the tree and accompanies the movement of dead wood. The 13cm nebari we had became 21cms. Furthermore the tree had a large number of roots. Now we have to feed it to grow stronger vigorously so that within five to six years we reach Kevin Willson drawing. The mixture used was 70% of Akadama, 20% of volcanic and 10% charcoal. Altura, Altura, Height: 63cm. Anchura, Amplo, Width: 50cm. Profundidad, Profundidade, Depth: 36cm. Nebari: 21cm.

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