jueves, 2 de noviembre de 2017

Bonsai San Show 2017

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Vlad dijo...

Thank you Jere. Great show, very interesting trees. Hard to believe that some of them are just "made by Nature" ie the winning Juniper or the Pine. But apparently they are. Whow. Maybe the mother Nature has spent few years as a deshi in some of the eastern nurseries?
Have a good time.

José Manuel dijo...

Gracias por el reportaje Jere

Jere dijo...

Thanks Vladimir! Yes fantastic trees. The Juniperus is incredible so many years nature making this work of art is something you can't believe and as you say maybe has been at Deshi!! Hahaha!
Big hug!

Jere dijo...

¡Muchas gracias José Manuel!
¡Un abrazo!