domingo, 6 de mayo de 2012

My Corner

These pictures belong to my corner, is where I take care of my trees until they are strong enough to go outdoors. Here they are protected from rain, wind and cold. I have protected with a roof of polycarbonate to have light.One side gives to the house and the other is open, both ends are closed one of them only by a clear plastic curtain. The idea of having an open side is to circulate air. I put a gutter to collect rain water which I collect in two containers of 500 liters, later I will put two others. In one ofthese containers I have a pump that draws water to me along with the air pump used to spray water along with a hygrometer that ignites the spray when it is below the desired moisture. What I seek is to have continuous cycles of moisture and dryness. The trees are heated directly above or below the roots through resistors or thermal blankets. With all this I make sure they do not lower the activity of roots and mycorhyza because of the cold, I control the watering, protected from the wind and have a proper humidity. The result has been optimal.

2 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

i love to seed plants too!!

i got some tomato plants and citon grass that is growing and one big Ginger tree!!

it is very good for the soul ect ect to be in the sould and plants ect ect!!


Jere dijo...

Yes you are right! To see a plant grow from seed is magic!