domingo, 9 de agosto de 2009

Urban Yamadoris

For the past months I have been doing urban collecting of trees or "urban Yamadoris", as I am collecting trees that were in pots, but as the pots where laying on the earth the roots have come out of their pots and grown so much that there is no earth in many of the pots, just roots. As an example out of one of the plant pots of a cork tree the root was 20cm in diameter. These Yamadoris were collected more than twenty years ago by a friend who died and now his wife puts them for sale. For different reasons I have under my care another large collection of Bonsai, all native Yamadoris. Between the two I have more than 150 trees. Now I have trees in every corner of the house. If anyone is interested or looking for any particular species, please contact me. You can also come and see them personally which I think is the best option as there many trees to see. I have Yews, Pines, Junipers, Olive trees, Carob trees, lemon trees, spruce, Holly oaks, cork trees, Fig trees, beech trees, Box trees and Elms.

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