martes, 21 de julio de 2009

Bonsai Sizes

I thought it would be of interest to add to my blog the size classification in Bonsai. I thought I had a good idea but when I started going through my books and then investigating through internet I came up to the conclusion that there is no exact numbers or even names. There is even a classification by how many hands are needed to transport a Bonsai or fit in ones hand, which makes things even worse as we don’t all have the same size of hands or strength. What I found is that most authors agree on is that it’s the judges at each exhibition who classify them. All measurements are taken from the soil to the apex. So below is a guideline on size classification:
Mini size.
MAME Bonsai, divided in two categories:
KESHI-TSUBU, up to 2,5 cm.
SHITO, from 2,5 cm. to 7 cm. (Some authors say 10cm.)
Middle Size.
SHOHIN, up to 25 cm.
MYABI or GAFU, from 13 to 20 cm.
KIFU or KOMONO or KATADE-MOCHI, from 20 to 45 cm.
CHIU or CHUMONO, from 45 to 90 cm.
Large Size
DAI or OMONO, from 90 to 130 cm.

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