domingo, 7 de febrero de 2010

My tools

These are the tools I use when collecting Yamadoris. A new tool that I started to use a couple of years ago is the fork, (photo, No. 5) it is very good for when the land is full of stones and impossible to stick a shovel. Many of the Yamadoris we find are in these type of soil, it is much quicker I recommend it. Archimedes, discovered the law of the lever and said "Give me a lever and a fulcrum and I will move the world." The crowbars are an indispensable tool for me either to move rocks or to gain access to the tap root up the root ball and cut it, (photo, No. 8). I use several types of shovels because of their shapes and size. The small shovel in picture No. 7 is the oldest with me, it’s good for sites with many stones as it is sharp and narrow and concave, the other one at the side I also like as it’s sharp and is very long so you make less effort. The shovels of the picture No. 6 have been customized, to be able to carried on a backpack and make them longer again Archimedes, and they have an extra foot welded to dig deeper. Small hoes are also indispensable, photo No. 9 with them a chisel and rubber hammer. Another discovery was the rope saw, photo 1, excellent for cutting the tap root when we can not access with the blade saw, photo No. 3. A short scissors, photo No. 10 and a long one photo No. 2, you can see I'm a fan of Mr. Archimedes. A hatchet is always welcome, photo No. 4. Finally I included the backpack, photo nº 11, also customized to facilitate the transport of our Yamadori, placed some aluminium bars to serve me for support, giving more rigidity and thus have more support points to tie the tree so the roots are not damaged during transport.

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BritBonsai dijo...

Hello - it's been a while since I've had the time to write a comment on your blog, although I've dropped by occasionally.

I totally loved this series of posts - something about informativeness plus the quality of your photos, perhaps?

Last year I had thought of doing a blogpost on our bonsai tools but after seeing this, I'm now wondering if I will attain the level of clarity of your photos. Thanks for setting the bar to this standard :-)

Jere dijo...

Please go ahead with your posts on tools I have only put my "Yamadori" tools.I follow all your posts and find them all interesting and with a touch of humour which is always welcomed! Best regards!