jueves, 21 de febrero de 2013

Kevin Willson and the Yew

This is the other Yew Kevin Willson worked and designed. This was a very complicated Yew to design because of the shape and tilted trunk, the branches because of the thickness can’t be bent and finally the position of the live vein. I really like the design that he has made but it will take a few years to reach the design. Not only because it will take many years to develop the branches but also because at the time of planting it in the new pot I found I could not put it in the position Kevin designed since many of the roots would fall outside and I didn’t want to risk. When clearing the earth I found a powerful nebari, shame that this comes on the back of the tree. The way Kevin transformed a boring straight branch into a work of art marveled me, even the smallest details. Once Kevin finished the work I deepened the holes and brushed the dead wood. With the torch I burnt the wood to accelerate the aging of the dead wood and remove the traces of the machines. I then used the water gun to remove the rotten wood and went back to brushing. The transplant this time on the advice of José Manuel was done with Kiryusuna in the mix so the mix this time has been Akadama 60%, 20% volcanic, 10% Kiryusuna and 10% charcoal. I'm hanging more photos than usual as now with Blogspot I can and so you can appreciate the great work Kevin did. Altura, Altura, Height: 58cm. Anchura, Amplo, Width: 47m. Profundidad, Profundidade, Depth: 33cm. Nebari: 23cm.

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